Our Story

We had the idea of a stress-free wedding planning service after the experience of planning our own wedding. During the run-up to our wedding, we both had full-time jobs, finishing late in the evenings. It became almost impossible trying to book the various elements of the wedding, especially as everyone’s working hours coincided with our own, and the ones we were able to contact were booked up two years in advance. Venue, dresses, suits, cake, photographer, flowers, hair, makeup…the list seemed endless. The only solution seemed to be a wedding planner but these were all unaffordable and well out of our budget.

So we started calling and messaging various providers to find out about pricing and availability. It was a long and tedious process. And worst of all, once we found someone that we felt might be suitable, how could we ensure that they would also be reliable and provide a high-quality service? We did not want anything going wrong on the day!
This experience made us realise that we needed a service that could provide all the various elements required to put on a memorable day in one place, which would allow for a user-friendly and efficient planning experience. Our first child, Paymán Weddings, thus joined our new family from day one.
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