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How to Work Out Your Wedding Budget?

You and your soulmate are becoming man and wife, and a festive wedding party is a wonderful way to celebrate it. The start of a new chapter in your life deserves an awesome wedding party with plenty of food, music, dance and laughter. But, the truth is: wedding parties cost a fortune. This means it’s

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The Best Wedding Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to

When picking a wedding song, you need to consider several factors. The first is the pace and rhythm of the song. When walking down the aisle, your body will naturally fall into that certain rhythm, so it is essential to choose a fast song if you want to race through the aisle and a slow

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10 Top Tips to Pick the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams feature image-Payman Weddings

10 Top Tips to Pick the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

Your venue defines your big day. Every single part of your ceremony, from tone, vibe and style to headcount, date and budget, depends on your wedding venue. Before finalising where you want to hold your wedding, making decisions about any other details of your party is almost impossible. As a result, finding a wedding venue

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10 Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Cake_Payman Weddings

10 Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is not an ordinary cake. It’s a complementary piece of both your wedding design and your menu. Cutting the cake is also one of the special moments of your reception. So, choosing a fabulous and delicious wedding cake is one of your notable wedding planning tasks. With so many styles, tiers, designs,

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4 Simple Steps to Find Out Who to Invite to Your Wedding feature image-Payman Weddings

4 Simple Steps to Find Out Who to Invite to Your Wedding

It’s been a week or two since you rocked that shiny ring and got engaged to the love of your life. After only a short time of becoming a fiancé(e) and living on cloud nine, the big decisions for your big day brought you down to earth. Now, the whole world is asking you about

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Paymán Weddings Launch

Paymán Weddings launches its website featuring a variety of wedding venues across the UK. Explore our website to find your perfect wedding venue and plan every detail in ease.

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